My Son at PAX

Some pictures of my son at PAX Prime 2012.  This was his first convention.  He said "It was the best three days of my life!" My son with Master Chief My son with Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders My son in a loader doing battle with a Xenomorph.  Don't worry, he's OSHA certified to drive that Read more

Fun With Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Earlier today as Geekend 9 was ending, I snapped these pics of some friends. I made quite a few adjustments in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Check out the before and Read more

Hiking with the Kids

We went to L.L. Stubb Stewart State Park today. They have a ton of trails for hikers and bikers that we discovered. We managed to hike just under 4 miles and then went out for pizza. A just reward! The kids found a cool centipede.  At least I think it's a centipede.   Perhaps it's Read more

Getting Fit, Dropping Pounds

I've been walking 5-10 miles every day for the past couple of weeks along with fasting 3x per week (fasting = < 500 calories for the day).  So far, I have noticed a lot of changes: I've lost 14.5 lbs! I have a reduced appetite overall. I feel better - more energy throughout the day, although I Read more

Diablo III LAN Party

OK, so it's not really a LAN party per se since Diablo is 100% online, but it's as close as we can get these days!  There are 9 of us in total at my house playing from Friday night until Sunday afternoon, with 4-6 hours of rest each day.  There was seating for 12 Read more

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