My Son at PAX

Some pictures of my son at PAX Prime 2012.  This was his first convention.  He said “It was the best three days of my life!”

My son with Master Chief

My son with Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders

My son in a loader doing battle with a Xenomorph.  Don’t worry, he’s OSHA certified to drive that thing.

My son playing Rock Band Blitz.  Song choice: Iron Maiden Mental Health (Bang Your Head)

My son with the Jonathan Coulton who is demonstrating an appropriate level of enthusiasm.

 My son waiting in line to see the Friday night concerts: Sam Hart, the Video Game Orchestra, Supercommuter, and the Protomen

My son showing off the Special Guest pass he received from the sister of Supercommuter’s frontman, MC Wheelie.

My son threatening to make his hot chocolate cold.

My son with Storm and Paul from the band Paul and Storm

My son and his friend with 1183 Geth programs inhabiting the mobile platform known as Legion.

My son with his friend demonstrating how cool mustaches are from Geek Chic.

My son playing Scrolls, the new game by the creator of Minecraft.

My son and his epic Geek Chic mustache again.

My son posing with Robbie during a game of Citadel

My son with the one and only MC Frontalot.

My son playing Lego Batman 2 in the console freeplay room.

My son watching his friend Chase play on the Nintendo DS.

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