Diablo III LAN Party

OK, so it’s not really a LAN party per se since Diablo is 100% online, but it’s as close as we can get these days!  There are 9 of us in total at my house playing from Friday night until Sunday afternoon, with 4-6 hours of rest each day.  There was seating for 12 people, but only 10 showed up.  We had such a great time!   I honestly thought my nostalgia for the LAN parties of my teenage years might have been more awesome in my mind than in reality, but I was wrong!  We had a blast and we managed all started on level 1 with new characters and beat the game on normal mode.

In total, we had Adam, Braden, Chibby, Chuck, Colin, Eric, Greg, Ron, and myself on site.  While I did a crappy job of taking pictures of the event, I did catch a couple of good ones.

Ron and Braden.  Ron loved playing Diablo on the my 63″ TV. (Friday night)

Colin and Chuck in the back row.   (Friday night)

Chibby and Braden in the game room.  (Saturday)

Eric and Ron at the character selection screen (Saturday night)

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